Discover Cypriot wine, all Cyprus wineries on one map

Wine has been part of Cyprus history since over 4000 years. Today Cyprus wine is about old tradition and modern technology. There are fifty-one recognized wineries (and lots of smaller mainly for house production). Explore them from a Cyprus map and a dropdown list. For each winery there are great info and links, also you may grade and review anything from wines, vineyards to overall experience. Welcome to Cyprus!

Cyprus Wineries

Recent reviews

  • Nelion Winery
    " I bought a bottle of black muscet from your winery... " [by ann brain]
  • Kalamos Winery
    " Superb afternoon. Arrived at the winery and Thanasis and his... " [by Julie Edwards]
  • Hadjiantonas Winery
    " We visited Hadjiantonas Winery and we were stunned by the... " [by Natacha Schulz]
  • Tsalapatis Winery
    " Hi, I and my Girlfreind went to Cyprus last week... " [by Shadi]
  • Zenon Winery
    " Fantastic winery!!! " [by Sergei]
  • Tsiakkas Winery
    " Amazing clean cut white wines & such reasonable prices -... " [by Sue pett]
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