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The online ‘Wineries Cyprus’ map is the most comprehensive of it’s kind up to date. Each winery’s coordinates on the map also has it’s own page with a great collection of links to help you discover more about Cyprus wineries.

Get to know Cypriot wine and the local wineries

Prepare and plan your wine round trip on Cyprus using the info links and contacts on this website, or be spontaneous and pick up the Wineries Cyprus online map from your mobile device on the road, as you travel, contacting wineries for opening hours, checking coordinates or reviews and articles to maximize your experience while enjoying and exploring the island of Cyprus.

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Cyprus Wineries

Recent reviews

  • Linos Winery
    " I have tasted a dry red wine and I found... " [by G C Pennington]
  • Kyperounda Winery
    " Always remain on your excellent wines when in Cyprus " [by Adrian Friendship]
  • Tsangarides Winery
    " I was happy to try your Xinisteri 2016 (White dry... " [by Havermann Silvia]
  • Kolios Winery
    " Dear Sir or Madam, is there a way to get... " [by Lothar Habrock]
  • Antoniades Winery
    " Winery is located in a very picturesque place. The owner... " [by Alexey Nasonov]
  • Yiaskouris Winery
    " Yiaskouris winery Thank you to Christos and Doros for welcoming... " [by alice]
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