Nikolettino Winery

Nikolettino Winery is located in Arsos village in Limassol region at an altitude of 800 meters. It established in the eighties and is run by Mr Yiannakis Achilleas. The winery has it’s own vineyards in the nearby villages. Among their grapes are Maratheftiko, Mavro, Xynisteri, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Barignan Noir and Mataro. It is a modern winery with storage and maturing of the wines in isothermal cellars. The winerys annua production is 70 000 bottles.

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Telephone: +357 25 56 82 22
Mobile: +357 99 43 71 37

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Karseras Family Winery

Karseras Family Winery is located in Doros village in Limassol region. It is next to the 16th century church of Agios Epifanios. The winery is owned by the Community President of the village, Mr Panagiotis Karseras. The winery is producing 100 000 bottles annually. Half of which is produced for large winery ETKO.  The winery uses grapes from vine growers from Doros.

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Mobile: +357 99 41 32 38, 99 58 93 25

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Kalamos Winery

Kalamos Winery is located in Amargeti village in Paphos region. The winery is owned by Mr Nicos Ignatiou who runs it together with his son Thanasis. The winery produces wines from Mataro, Xynisteri and Maratheftiko grapes.

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Telephone: +357 26 72 32 24
Mobile: +357 99 51 92 68, 99 45 05 68

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Sterna Winery

Sterna Winery is located in Kathikas village in Limassol region and ownes 55 hectares of vineyards. The winery houses a 2000 years old cave for storing wine.

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Mobile: +357 99 69 90 82
Opening Hours : Every day, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

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KEO Pera Pedi Winery

KEO Winery in Pera Pedi is located in Limassol region. The winery is situated in one of the most impressive buildings in the village. It was originally built by the British and the calcareous rock from the nearby hill was used as it’s construction material. The winery receives 3 million kilos of various dark grapes from it’s greater surrounding area.

Telephone: +357 25 85 31 00 (KEO head office)

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KEO Winery

KEO Winery is located in the town of Limassol. It is a modern establishment with a storing capacity of 45 million litres of wine.

Telephone: 357 25 85 31 00

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Loel Winery

LOEL winery is located in the town of Limassol. It is one of the biggest wineries in Cyprus making wine from grapes grown in Paphos and Limassol region. Their vineyards include over 20 hectares of vines such as Maratheftiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Spourtiko and Sauvignon Blanc. LOEL planned to install new modern technology into their wine production by 2005 that produce 7000 bottles per hour.

Telephone: +357 25 20 20 20

Vardalis Winery

Vardalis Winery is located in Koilanis village in Limassol region. The winery is owned by Mr Victor Velichko while production is managed by Sophocles Vlassides.

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Telephone: +357 25 81 14 44
Mobile: +357 96 73 23 08

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Tsalapatis Winery

Tsalapatis Winery is located just outside Polemi village in Paphos region at an altitude of 450 meters. The owner Mr Andreas Tsalapatis has been producing wine for over 20 years. The winery produces 100 000 bottles annualy. Among his wine grapes are Xynisteri, Sauvignon Blanc, Mataro, Lefkada and Shiraz.

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Mobile: +357 99 62 49 29
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Vasilikon Winery

Vasilikon Winery is located just outside Kathikas village in Paphos region at an altitude of 650m. It was established in 1993 by three brothers Eracles, Giorgos and Yiannis Kyriakides. The winery owns 16 hectares of vineyards and produces 350,000 bottles annually.

Telephone: +357 26 63 39 99

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