Lagria Winery

Lagria winery is located in Salamiou village in Paphos region at a height of 700m. The owner of the small winery is the president of the Salamiou community, Mr Kostakis Avgousti. The winery has four wines and among their grape wines are Xynisteri, Cabernet Sauvignon  and Mavro. The winery has moved to a new building with modern wine making equipment and has an annual capacity of 100 000 bottles.

Telephone: +357 26 95 24 11
Mobile: +357 99 36 49 90, 99 34 69 90

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  1. The xynisteri wine was absolutely amazing, the flavours are superb.Box of 12 lasted only 3 days for the misses and I! Will have to send a bunch of boxes back home as everyone needs to try the incredible wine as well as to re stock for ourselves! 5/5 stars!!

  2. Please ,I am interested in buying a box of 12 bottles oa your LAGRIA Cabernet Sauvignon ..How much will it cost?. I live in Moni village Limassol.

    Thank you.
    Loizos Milidonis