Loel Winery

LOEL winery is located in the town of Limassol. It is one of the biggest wineries in Cyprus making wine from grapes grown in Paphos and Limassol region. Their vineyards include over 20 hectares of vines such as Maratheftiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Spourtiko and Sauvignon Blanc. LOEL planned to install new modern technology into their wine […]

Vardalis Winery

Vardalis Winery is located in Koilanis village in Limassol region. The winery is owned by Mr Victor Velichko while production is managed by Sophocles Vlassides. Web | Facebook Telephone: +357 25 81 14 44 Mobile: +357 96 73 23 08 Wine talk Vardalis (Kilani) Winery Κοιλάνι via TimeOut Cyprus (in Greek). [28-01-2013] Vardalis Winery by […]

Constantinou Winery

Constantinou Winery is located in Pera Pedi in Limassol region. Mr Costas Constantinou is the owner of the winery that is currently producing about 100,000 bottles. He buys wine grapes from selected vineyards in the area. Facebook Telephone: +357 25 47 03 70 Mobile: +357 99 68 13 41 Wine talk  Ayioklima spirit @ Wine Cypus […]

Erimoudes Winery *

Erimoudes Winery is located in the Koilani village in Limassol region. The winery opened in 1995 by Mr Costas Erimoudes. The winery owns about three hectares vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon and produces 21 000 bottles annually. Web | Facebook Telephone: +357 25 47 06 69 Mobile: +357 99 62 58 26 Wine talk Erimoudes by […]

Tsiakkas Winery

Tsiakkas Winery is located in Pelendri village in Limassol region. Mr Costas Tsiakkas establised the winery in 1988 which he is running together with his wife Mrs Maria Tsiakkas. It owns 5 hectares of vineyards which are located at an altitude of 1000-1400m. The winery produces around ten wines and has a capacity of 150 […]

Zenon Winery

Zenon Winery is located in Omodhos village in Limassol region and is run by Mr Nicos Zenonos. The middle sized winery owns eleven hectares of vineyards. Among their wine grapes is the Xynisteri. Lonely Planet Telephone: +357 25 42 35 55 Mobile: +357 99 49 29 79 Wine talk Zenon by Giannos Konstantinou @ Cyprus Wine […]

Vasa Winery

Vasa Winery, former Domaine Argyrides, is located in Vasa Koilaniou village in Limassol region. The winery is run by Mr Pambos Argyrides with family, being the fourth generation of winemakers in the winery. The winery owns ten hectares of vineyards and among his wine grapes are Xynisteri and Chardonnay, Mataro, Cabernet Sauvignon and Maratheftiko. At […]

Antoniades Winery

Antoniades Winery is located in the Mandria village in Limassol region. It was established in 1994 by Mr Marios Antoniades and has a capacity to produce 100 000 bottles annually. The winery owns nearly 5 hectares of vineyards. It follows the traditional method of making wine in Cyprus in big jars without pressing the grapes […]

Yiaskouris Winery

Yiaskouris Winery is located in the Pachna village in Limassol region and is run by the Yiasgouris brothers Christos and Doros, and Christo’s wife Georgia. The winery owns ten hectares of vineyards. While the winery incorporated modern technology already in 1982, it was in 1997 that the operations moved to the current modern building with a […]

Vlassides Winery

Vlassides Winery is located in the Koilani village in Limassol region. The winery is owned by Mr Sofocles Vlassides and moved to it’s new premises in 2011. It has a capacity to produce 110,000 bottles annually and has won several awards from year 2000 an onwards. Web | Facebook | Lonely Planet Telephone: +357 99 […]