Eleonoras Winery *

Eleonoras Winery is a small winery located in Amargeti village in Paphos region. The winery produces around 12.000 bottles per year and is owned by Mr. Chrisanthos Kaizer.

Telephone: +357 26 819946
Mobile: +357 99 603679
email: [email protected]

* Wineries Cyprus map points out Kalamos Winery rather than Eleonoras Winery. These wineries are approximately 50 meters from each other.

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  1. we bought Elenoras Xynisteri and Maratheftiko at Papantonio in Pissouri. Great wine and excellent taste. Highly recommended to everyone who likes special wine.

  2. We went to Eleonoras merely by chance or accident but was so welcomed even though it was supposed to be closed this particular saturday. We got a nice tour of Chris and because of the history of the building as well as all the other small stories he brings to the experience, we’ve been back multiple times, it’s become our favourite little oasis in Cyprus and the rosé and red wine tastes amasing for a scandinavian like me.

    Highly recommended.

    /Kent + all the nationalities*