Olympus Winery

Olumpys Winery is located in Omodhos village in Limassol region. It is owned by ETKO which since 1844 is the oldest wine-making business in Cyprus. In 1992 ETKO built Olympus Winery and in 2003 it moved all it’s wine production on Cyprus there. The winery is surrounded by 70 hectares of privately owned new vineyards. Olympus has a maturing capacity of two million bottles of wine.

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Telephone: +357 25 57 33 91

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  1. Just tried a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, and found it really quite impressive, much better than the review of the 2008 I saw on the website. It still is a relatively light wine but the balance is much better now, and shows great potential. I would like to know who imports it into the UK.